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Air Quality Testing Services Sacramento

Scharf Inspections is a California based inspection service company, offering air quality testing for businesses, schools, commercial and residential owners alike.  Scharf Inspectors are qualified and have over a decade of experience performing air quality testing services all over California.

Other than offering quality air testing services to homeowners in Sacramento, we have also partnered with real estate agents all over California. Stay assured, when you hire us to perform your indoor air quality tests, you will not be scared to breathe contaminated air again. Scharf Inspections operates nationally with one goal in mind, that is, to keep our customers safe and satisfied.

Factors affecting Indoor Air

Indoor air can get contaminated due to several factors, the major being

While some of these pollutants can be easily tackled, others may be more complex, requiring more time and multiple solutions. Scharf Inspections employs a highly qualified team of certified Inspectors who are familiar with indoor air contamination, its causes and best possible solutions. Our inspectors will perform comprehensive indoor air quality tests and provide you with tailor-cut solution options.

Why Test Your Indoor Air?

Indoor air quality is a major concern for many schools, offices, building owners and facilities. Due to a high number of individuals involved the risk of polluted air is greater. Similarly a home is a safe haven for your family, breathing unhealthy air within your own home is a risk that you simply cannot take.

Symptoms you Are Breathing Poor Quality Air

Sick building syndrome is a term associated with people feeling sick when inside a building and better when away from it. Sick building syndrome can be a result of breathing poor air. Some of the symptoms associated with it are;

Are you feeling these symptoms when inside your home or workspace? Do you feel better as soon as you are away from it? If yes, then you could be a victim of poor air quality. Don’t risk your health any longer, call Scharf Inspections and have your home or building inspected. We take health matters very seriously, our certified inspectors will detect the minutest of pollutants in your air. We are eager to help you with all your air quality needs. Call to schedule an inspection today.

What To Expect During An Inspection?

When you call us to schedule an air quality testing inspection, we may you a couple of questions like what symptoms are you feeling, how long have you been feeling these symptoms, or the history of the building. We listen to your apprehensions and send in a certified air quality inspector to physically assess the interior and exterior of the building. The inspector tries to determine the cause of the pollutants and reach the core of the problem. The inspector may look for these signs;

After a visual examination is completed, our inspector will measure the air inside for humidity, temperature, and gases. These tests once complete, help the inspector gauge the cause of poor indoor air quality. A detailed report is then handed over to you and the best possible solutions are recommended.

Choose Scharf Inspections For The Best Air Quality Testing In California

Scharf Inspectors have performed thousands of air quality inspections all over California and given people peace of mind to live and breathe freely. Our Inspectors are certified and trained. They will make sure to leave your indoor air clean and pure to breathe. Schedule an inspection today.

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