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Structural foundation walls of your house run the perimeter of the basement making the basement and foundation integrated. This means if a basement suffers excessive damage, the integrity of the foundation of a house may also be compromised. Our basement inspectors cover the following:

What is a foundation inspection?

Basement Inspection Sacramento CA
Home Inspector in Sacramento, CA

Our Basement Inspection Covers

A basement is the most susceptible part of your home since it comes in contact with the earth below. Shift in the earth’s soil, excess rainwater, storms, roots penetrating the foundation or insects and termites can all cause damage to the foundation of a house. The basement holds the foundation walls of your home and for them to be in mint condition is very important for your safety. The risk of problems such as mold, mildew or humidity mostly arise from here. Long neglected basements can lead to moisture or mold damage that may be costly to repair and affect your home’s foundational integrity. Basements also come under a lot of scrutiny when buying or selling a house. A well maintained basement will add value to your home, hence a basement inspection is of utmost importance and should never be neglected.

Our Foundation Inspection Assesses

Our Scharf certified inspectors inspect the foundation of a house for:

Scharf Inspections offers professional foundation inspections in Sacramento. We know Our Inspectors are familiar with the local weather and how it can damage your basement. They offer thorough foundation inspections and detailed reports of any signs of damage or hazard they find with your foundation.

Crawl Space Inspection

We go down those crawl spaces because we know you won’t. Crawl Spaces need to be inspected every six months to make sure they are not fostering, mold, mildew, or rodents. You don’t want to be in a home with a dirty crawl space which can indirectly affect your health. Our professionals will make sure your crawl spaces are an effective and healthy part of your home.

When To Have Your Basement Inspected?

Basements need yearly regular inspections, even dry clean basements can have problems not visible to the eye, but if you see these signs you should call for an immediate inspection:

What To Expect During An Inspection

After you schedule an appointment with one of our basement inspection inspectors in Sacramento CA, he will visit your home and accurately diagnose any problems in it or its foundation.

An inspector will inspect your basement for water intrusion by looking for signs such as:
To check if your basement is harboring mold our inspector will:

For rodents he will check for signs like leftover droppings, any cracks or holes made or leftover food morsels.  Scharf Basement inspection services are the most reliable inspection services in California. We are a one-shop stop for all your basement and foundation inspection needs. Don’t push signs that are red flags under the carpet, call us today to schedule an inspection and get your basement assessed. If our inspector feels the damage has compromised the integrity of your foundation he may suggest calling in a structural engineer for an advanced foundation inspection.

Areas We Serve

Scharf Inspections offers its service in The Greater Sacramento area
and its surrounding counties, covering;

El Dorado
We have been providing certified home inspections in California
we guarantee the best inspection services with comprehensive reports. 
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