We specialize in compressed earth block construction to produce positive energy homes.


What are postive energy homes?

Positive Energy Homes are zero energy homes that are so efficient they produce more energy than they consume, leaving you with extra energy to use in other ways such as powering your mobile devices, power tools or even your electric car. There are two pathways to owning a positive energy home. A home can be designed and built as a positive energy home from the start, or an existing zero energy home can be transformed into a positive energy home.

What are Earth Blocks?

Earth Blocks often referred to as compressed earth blocks (CEB) or stabilized compressed earth blocks (SCEB) are a high quality construction material made from locally sourced soil containing clay. With proper mix design and 4 – 8% cement Earth Blocks can meet and exceed compressive strength requirements for cement block in the United States.

Our vision is to build highly energy efficient compressed earth block homes in the United States and all over the world. We are in development to start producing compressed earth blocks in Northern California and offer building services world wide for affordable residential buildings. On this page are some of our favorite educational sites that explain the history and process of building compressed earth block buildings. We will be posting links for projects under developement and lending opportunities for those who are intersted in supporting building a better future through sustainable housing. 

Structural Engineers


Compressed Earth Block Consultants

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