With the biggest financial decision of your life on the line is it worth forgoing the home inspection to close the deal? We see it all too often, where home buyers are so afraid of missing out on the perfect home that they waive the home inspection contingency and jump into the deal feet first. Unfortunately, this decision often comes back to haunt the home buyer later down the road once they have purchased the property only to discover major issues that require costly repairs.

Peace of Mind vs. Issues Found
It may cost you a little money upfront to hire a home inspector, but in the end, you will certainly be glad that you did have a home inspection completed not only for peace of mind but also in the case that any issues are found. While some issues may be minor and an easy fix there are also commonly found problems within an inspection that can pose serious health concerns and other dangers.

The Dishonest Seller
Electrical hazards, improper drainage, structural issues, you name it and it could come up in a home inspection. Unfortunately, all home sellers aren’t honest. Even though a seller’s property disclosure is provided within the real estate transaction it doesn’t mean that everything is laid out on the line. If a seller is pushing to forgo the home inspection it can be a big red flag.

The Job of a Home Inspector

A home inspectors job isn’t to be taken lightly. At Sac Inspect we take a lot of pride in the fact that our clients entrust us to protect their investment by finding potential issues with a property. From the roof down to the foundation and everything in between- all items are looked at with a fine tooth comb (well not really a comb but you get the picture) in order to ensure that an educated decision can be made for the purchase of a property.

While having a home inspection done isn’t mandatory it is definitely a good idea to know what you are getting into with the purchase of a home. Paying a nominal fee for a home inspection is much better than spending thousands of dollars down the road.

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