Are you a Pinterest or HGTV addict and dream about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home projects? Perhaps you’ve even gone as far as to taking a class at Home Depot on how to install tile.

We see it all the time- home projects that went wrong! A homeowner goes in with good intentions and then realizes they have bitten off more than they can chew. When done incorrectly, DIY home projects can cost a lot more money to fix than what they would have taken if a professional was hired in the beginning. There are certain projects that you do not want to DIY.

Here’s a list of our Top 4 Home Improvement Projects Best Left to a Professional:
1. Home Remodels and Additions- Nearly every HGTV show that features home renovations shows them knocking down walls. While it may look easy (and an excellent way to remove stress) the reality is that this is best left up to professionals. Think that you can just add on a new bedroom to accommodate the new baby on the way? Additions cost money for a reason. There are hoops to jump through regarding getting a permit and consulting with professionals (i.e. an architect) to make sure that it works with your home.
2. Electrical Work- This one makes any electrician and home inspector cringe. One of the biggest fire hazards in any home is faulty electrical work. This alone should scare most people away from attempting to fix electrical issues on their own or putting in new electrical components when consulting a YouTube video. Note that working with electrical wires is very serious and when done wrong can be deadly.
3. Roof Repair- Inspecting the roof to see if it may need repair is one thing but stapling on a few shingles to keep the roof from leaking may be more detrimental than just leaving it. The best thing that any homeowner can do is to call a roofing company to come out and inspect then provide a quote for any repairs that may be necessitated. Many roofing companies offer roofing inspections free of charge.
4. Plumbing- If your home has plumbing issues, it’s probably best to consult a professional rather than trying to fix or update a plumbing item that may lead to more damage and cost more in the end to fix. Water leaks in the home can result in serious damage.

Sure it may mean saving a little money, but is the stress and headaches of a DIY home project gone wrong really worth it in the end? Home improvement shows make EVERYTHING look easy. But what goes on behind the scenes is not shown, and usually it’s professionals doing the work. Hiring a professional can save time, money, and headaches. By doing any of the top 4 DIY home improvements listed here it could result in more hassle than it’s worth.

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