Demystifying the home inspection report- When a home inspector visits a property they thoroughly examine a variety of items, systems, and components to gather a comprehensive home inspection report. This report is filled with details on the roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, windows, foundation, flooring, and insulation.

Here are the standard terms found in a Sac Inspect Home Inspection Report:

Inspected (IN)- An item, component or unit has been visually observed. If no other comments were made on the inspection report, then the item appeared at the time of inspection to be operating/functioning as it was intended to (accounting for normal wear and tear).

Not Inspected (NI)- The item, component or unit was not inspected. No representations are made as to whether it is operated/functioning as it should. A reason for not inspecting will be provided on the report. Common reasons for not inspecting an item are weather related or barriers to inspecting. Such as boxes stacked against a wall or door.

Not Present (NP)- Simply put this means that the structure did not have this item, component, or unit. One example would be that some properties don’t have an air conditioning system installed. Therefore an inspection cannot be done on this unit.

Repair or Replace (RR)- This means that either the item, component or unit needs further inspection by a qualified contractor or that it’s not functioning as intended. Often only a minimal repair is warranted instead of a costly replacement.

Remember that a home inspector often suggests that a qualified contractor looks at different items found in a home inspection or to get a second opinion. Contact Sac Inspect to order your home inspection at (916)529-3948.

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