Transaction coordinator services for specialized client needs:

Our professional transaction coordinators have over 10 years experience interacting with real estate professionals, contractors, attorneys, investors, and banks. We decided to let our back office help independent professionals and home owners get the same level of professional transactional services as the big guys at a reasonable price.

Investor Admin Services

Custom home inspections, scope of repairs, access to our contractor network for timely renovation of your properties, due diligence, and back office support so you can focus on finding the next great deal.

Attorney Admin Services

Support for busy attorneys with real estate inspections, evaluations, cost of repairs, and additional exit strategies for your clients when they are ready to sell their real estate.

Home Owner Admin Services

Getting ready to upgrade your house? Looking for an investment property? Looking for investment properties to fix-up and renat out? We can help.

Landlord Admin Services

Specialty services for landlords: inspections, rehab projects, evaluations of value, and exit options when it comes time to sell.

Private Money Admin Services

Specialty services for private money lenders: inspections, due-diligence, comparable analysis, and fact checking before you fund the loan.

Contractor Admin Services

Specialty services for busy contractors so you can focus on the job site and generate more revenue: inspections, project management, and access to investor network for more jobs.

Mortgage Broker Admin Services

Specialty administrative services for mortgage brokers and their customers. Helping you to take better care of your customers and close more loans.

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