Probate Inspection

The probate process offers many unique oportunities that most people do not know about.

Before you call anyone regarding a probate property it is best to have a probate inspection performed on the property. This is before you contact an Attorney, Legal Document Assistant, Real Estate Agent, or an Investor. Why? Usually when you contact just one of these professionals they will let you know how they can help you. However, that is usually not the entire story. We have created a proprietary inspection process that will help you consider the benefits and drawbacks to each option. Then you can decide with more confidence if you want to contact an Attorney, Real Estate Agent, Investor, or maybe even just do the entire process yourself. We can help you. 

When you order a Probate Inspection a professional home inspector will perform a thorough home inspection. Once the data is collected our office will come up with a cost or repairs estimate, an estimate of the current value of the property, and give you a list of options that best suit your situation:

1. How much money you can make and how long will it take if you sell the property in its current condtion. 

    This is usually the quickest option and you can recieve money in your pocket within 7 -10 days in many circumstances. There are many companies the will purchase the house for cash in an “as-is” condition. You do not have to clean it out, fix it up, or do anything to the house itself.  This is an attractive offer for people who are interested in selling the house as quickly as possible and do not want to go through the hassle and time of cleainging out the house, contacting a real estate agent, listing the house, paying for expenses on the house until it sells, paying hefty real estate agent fees and then finally getting money if and when the house sells.  This does not apply to all houses that are entering the probate process.

2.  How much money you can make and how long it will take if the property must go through the probate process.

Not all houses have to go thorugh the probate process. 

3.  A step by step guide to handling the probate process with somone from our office. We work with a team of Attorneys and California Legal Document Assitants.

You may want to hire an Atttorney and pay the high fees or you may want to use a California Legal Document Assistant to help with filling out the forms for the probate process.

4.  List the property with a real estate professional (Realtor).

5.  Fix up the property yourself and sell it. 

If you have the time and money you may want to fix up the property and sell it yourself. We can help. Our network of real estate professionals includes project managers that can guide you along each step of the way. This wil require additional money to pay for the construction, holding costs, and additional fees associated with residential redevelopement. 

6. Join-Venture with our professional redevelopement team.

We will work together with using our years of experience in residential redevelopement to purchase your house, do all the repairs, sell the house, and help you make more money than if you simply sold the house as-is. 

DISCLAIMER:  We are not attorneys and cannot select legal forms. The information presented on our web site is general, factual, published information obtained from court provided self-help legal publications, legal statutes or other sources believed to be to be accurate and reliable. This information should not be considered legal advice as it is general in nature. It is always recommended to seek legal advice from an attorney before filing legal proceedings. Many attorneys offer free consultations.

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