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As a Home Inspection company our job is to point out the defects in any home, after the defects are pointed out, the first question a buyer asks our home inspectors is, “How much will that cost?” This is an awkward scenario at an inspection and puts the inspector in a bit of a predicament. Our inspectors are not trained to be contractors who can give estimates and prices. They are trained to find mistakes contractors have already made in the property. Also mentioning prices to the buyer in such a sensitive time can make both the agent and buyer nervous.

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At Scharf Inspections in order to remain unbiased with our findings we never perform repairs, and we don’t comment on the price required to fix the defects.We are simply there to point out the issues a home owner may face when owning that home. This however, can leave many homeowners and buyers in a predicament with short contingency periods and deadlines to meet, yet no idea of a way forward to effectively negotiate. As a solution we have added the Repair Pricer with every Scharf inspections.

The Repair Pricer is built for homeowners, realtors, home buyers and inspectors. The Repair Pricer saves time and increases efficiency. The Repair Pricer is a third party estimation company that provides unbiased repair estimates based on home inspection reports. Each report is prepared by a highly experienced pricing expert with an intimate knowledge of the skills and the cost needed to address each defect. Our pricing experts thoroughly review each report and prepare individual pricing estimates for each item paying careful attention to the minute details. Pricing is zip code specific and on average 98% accurate in a statistical scenario, e.g, if you hire 100 contractors to come and give a price estimate for a specific scenario, the average price estimate will be exactly the same as the Repair Pricer report estimate.

Scharf Inspections will now be offering this unique tool to all its agents in the transactions, the agents can then use this unique tool for the request for repairs in a timely fashion, or negotiate a credit or price reduction for their clients. This is designed to save time, worry and frustration in the real estate transaction business.

In a competitive real estate market, sellers are less likely to offer repairs and buyers will need this understanding that this is the exact number that they need to receive from the seller. This is a highly effective tool in the negotiations but proper expectations should be set with the buyer and the agent to ensure the best use of this tool.


Pool, termite, sewer scope or other additional services are not included in the repair pricer report. Other limitations may apply. Items in red in the Scharf inspections report may still need a further evaluation by a licensed inspector.

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