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Sewer Scope Inspections California

Whether buying a new or an old house, getting the sewer line inspection is vital. No matter how well maintained a home looks from the facade or interior, knowing what’s lurking beneath those floorboards and walls is what will give you peace of mind before investing a lifetime of savings. Since sewer lines cover the whole property and are integral to any building, they should be in top-notch condition and functioning optimally. It’s wise to investigate the sewer system of a property you are about to invest in. Faulty, leaking, broken or root infested sewer lines can result in major damage and losses in the long run. To avoid this, let us help you with a sewer line inspection in California before you invest.

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At Scharf Inspections, state-of-the-art sewer inspection cameras are used to carry out rigorous inspections. Our sewer inspection professionals in Sacramento have extensive sewer system knowledge and are certified by the state. After you schedule a sewer line inspection, you should expect a local inspector from our office located near you, to visit and carry out a thorough conduit inspection of your entire house. They will look for leaks, broken pipes, root intrusions, cross bores, lateral taps, bulges and report these findings to you the very next day. They will offer advice for repair or replacement as required.

Solutions for sewer problems are costly enough, you don’t want to add to the roster with expensive property repairs too. Better be wise before purchasing than being sorry later! Call for a sewer line inspection in Sacramento today. Our Inspectors at Scharf are eager to help you.

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