With Earth Day right around the corner what better time to look at steps to make your home more energy efficient! There are plenty of ways to make a home run on less energy which can result in significant cost savings on your electricity bill. By doing a few simple steps, you can significantly increase the energy savings in your home which not only is a benefit for your wallet but also for the environment.

• Heating and Cooling Your Home

Did you know that as much as half of the energy we use in a home goes towards cooling and heating? Here are a few ideas to work on reducing energy used:
-Replace air filters in heaters and air conditioners
-Set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature. Just by turning the thermostat down from 75 degrees to 70 degrees one can save an average of 10 percent on heating costs.
-Install a programmable thermostat that can be turned down automatically at certain times of the day or night.
-Instead of running an air conditioner if it’s not entirely needed try running a ceiling fan instead.
-Close curtains at night to better insulate the room or during the day to keep the sun from heating up a room.

• Install a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless or Instantaneous water heaters work on demand so, they only provide hot water as needed. These types of water heaters can help save on energy costs as they don’t have the energy loss that is typically associated with the storage water heaters.

• Change incandescent light bulbs

CFL and LED lights are great alternatives to the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Both types of bulbs last over ten times longer and also consume a lot less energy. With the average home devoting 11 percent of its energy budget towards lighting changing out the bulbs can result in significant cost savings.

Other energy saving tips include energy efficient appliances, installing low-flow showerheads and toilets to decrease water use, fixing sealing and insulation, and updating windows and doors. The Energy Star website is a great resource to learn more about actions you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

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