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Termite Inspection by Green Light Termite & Pest

We recommend all houses that we inspect have an independent pest inspection as part of the home buying process. Once you place an order online or over the phone with our office a representative from Green Light Termite & Pest will contact you to set up your pest inspection.

This may be at the same time as the home inspection or different day.

The fact that termites are the most destructive insects in the world should be enough to know the importance of a termite inspection on a property. May it be a house, office or a commercial building, annual termite inspections are essential. Termites cause a massive $5 Billion dollar loss to US homeowners, with around 600,000 homes affected annually. California is amongst the worst hit termite areas in the United States.

Termite Inspection

Why Inspect

Home owners should get termite inspections to secure themselves from extensive losses.  If you are a real estate agent, buyer or seller, termite inspections are very important to know you are getting a safe deal and not investing in a money pit. Termite infestations can massively affect wooden structures,

Our Inspections

Obtaining an independent termite inspection entails a comprehensive inspection of your property. Getting your property inspected will give you peace of mind. Certified inspectors will inspect all the visible spaces accessible to him including garages, crawlspaces and basements. Speak with the representative from Green Light Termite and Pest for more information regarding their services. 

Experienced local Inspectors

Most pest inspectors are locals who are familiar with the area and its termite problems.  At the end of the pest inspection the pest inspector will give you a verbal explanation of the findings. Also a report will be sent to typically the buyer and the buyers agent with the findings. 

Comprehensive Reporting With Solutions

Contact Green Light Termite and Pest for more information regarding their report. Pest inspection reports will have different level of findings regarding their inspections. 

Termite: Section 1

If the termite report comes back with Section 1 items, that means there is an actual infestation of termites.

Termite: Section 2

This is when the inspector notes potential damage to an area. If it is not treated or repaired in the near future, it can become a Section 1 item. 

Warranty and or Guarantee

Contact Green Light Termite & Pest for more information regarding any warranty and or guarantee regarding their inspections and services. As with all inspections if you have questions regarding anything on the inspection report pick the phone and contact the appropriate company. We are here to help you in the process of buying your home. 

Areas We Serve

Scharf Inspections offers its service in The Greater Sacramento area
and its surrounding counties, covering;

El Dorado
We have been providing certified home inspections in California
we guarantee the best inspection services with comprehensive reports. 
Mitch PetersMitch Peters
16:50 14 Feb 22
Very fast work!
Gene RoneyGene Roney
00:35 11 Feb 22
Called Scharf Inspections, the Customer Service for the Call was excellent and very Professional!! I met the Scharf Home inspector and they were very responsive and on time for the appointment. Very Courteous!. I received reports in a Timely manner and much sooner than i thought!! One stop Inspection service, I got Home Inspection, Pest Inspection, Sewer and Roof all from Scharf Inspections, Great Service!!!
Eric Scharf, of SacInspect, has been one of my favorite home inspectors for some time. I've worked with Eric on and off for probably about 5 years. He does a great job at a reasonable cost, and he's knowledgeable and not overly dramatic in his walk-throughs.This afternoon, Eric was able to show up in a pinch when another company dropped my appointment off their books and refused to make good on it. Why I didn't just call Eric is unanswerable, but suffice it to say, I will keep Eric at the top of my list in the future. My clients loved you, and so do I!
Mary Ann ViloriaMary Ann Viloria
20:13 15 Mar 17
Detailed reports
Ketan ShahKetan Shah
20:27 30 Nov 16
He did a thorough home inspection for us as a buyer. Though there were no major issues, he pointed to future problem for having a couple of trees too close to the house that would likely cause damage, and advised to consult a tree specialist. Not only he tested HVAC, but documented it in the report so that if a problem arise in future, it would be covered under a home warranty. We strongly recommend his service.

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