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Real estate inspections allow buyers and sellers to know of any potential problems before buying or selling a house respectively. A seller can use an inspection to get minor repairs done before selling, know the true value of their property, and avoid unnecessary bargaining. A buyer on the other hand can use a home inspection to un-surface any potential problems that could leave them with unwanted surprises and added expenses down the road. 

As a realtor, it is your job to make the buyer and seller aware of the condition of a property, this, in turn, will build customer trust and give you more business. Scharf Inspections has been working with real estate agents in Sacramento for over a decade, helping buyers and sellers alike. Our inspections help all parties involved make informed decisions regarding the sale and purchase of a property. Real estate agents benefit from our inspections through deals made with peace of mind, ultimately resulting in referrals. Our home inspections are also used as a contingency between the buyer and the seller. 

Partnering with us for all your real estate inspection needs in Sacramento will allow you to provide your customers with thorough, accurate, and honest evaluations

Thorough Real Estate Inspections In Sacramento

Our real estate inspectors in Sacramento have performed thousands of inspections with realtors. They are highly skilled in their respective fields and use non-invasive methods to give you the best analysis of a property. A typical real-estate inspection will cover;

Referring Scharf Inspections to your clients will ensure your peace of mind and a fast and smooth transaction. We are the go-to inspection company for most of the leading real-estate agents in California. Our team of inspectors is trained, licensed, and insured. Their inspections involve a thorough examination of the property and detailed comprehensible and timely reports. 

Stay assured, when you refer to Scharf Inspections, you will end up with a happy deal! Try us for your next inspection, you won’t be disappointed. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Scharf Inspections offers its service in The Greater Sacramento area
and its surrounding counties, covering;

El Dorado
We have been providing certified home inspections in California
we guarantee the best inspection services with comprehensive reports. 
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