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New Construction Inspection Services In Sacramento

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Newly constructed Homes need to be inspected too, yes you heard that right!  A new construction inspection is recommended to ensure everything is in place and functioning well before you move in your new home. A lot many things are overlooked by contractors, having a third-party inspection done will give you peace of mind before you move in. Scharf Inspections can give you comfort knowing your home has been built well.

Don’t spoil the joy of moving into a new home by missing a new home inspection. Having a home inspection before moving into your dream house will save you from disappointments later. Missing components or features not working properly can be annoying especially because the house is new. Getting a new home inspection ensures you detect snags or poor workmanship timely and save yourself from spending more later. Why pay more for mistakes made by your builder? Get the best new construction inspection services through Scharf Inspections in Sacramento and surrounding California.

Scharf Inspectors are certified and have an experience of over a decade in new construction inspection services in Sacramento. They will make sure to uncover defects in your new house, if any. Call Us today and Schedule the best new construction services.

New Construction Inspection
Phase Inspections

New home inspections are also called phase inspections, getting your home inspected by a third party ensures you are getting everything in optimal functioning condition. Phase inspections are divided into three phases, each integral to the next.

Phase 1 Inspection

Phase 1 is the pre-pour inspection and will determine if proper accommodations for plumbing and electrical wiring have been made. This has to be done before pouring in concrete or rectifying any mistakes later are difficult and can entail extra cost, e.g cutting of concrete slabs to correct faulty plumbing.

Phase 2 Inspection

Also known as the pre-drywall inspection or the framing inspection, it requires inspection of wiring, plumbing, framing, HVAC ducting etc. Once siding is installed there is no way to know what is behind the drywall, e.g incase of poor plumbing, a leak or moisture stain will only show up after you start living in your house and significant damage has been done.

Phase 3 Inspection

Also called the final phase inspection, it requires an inspection of all the visible components of the house to see if they have been installed properly and are functioning well. Phase 1 and 2 inspections are not included at this stage and if not done earlier, will prevent the inspector from seeing hidden defects.

Specialized Added Services

Scharf Inspections covers all your inspection needs and offers advanced specialized services including, Termite inspections, Mold inspections, Pre Listing inspections, Commercial inspections, Thermal imaging inspections, and much more. To know more about our added and specialization fields and services call a Scharf agent today, we await eagerly to help answer all your queries.

Scharf inspectors are qualified professionals and will do a thorough examination of your property. You will be provided with an extensive report, with visuals to highlight flaws along with remedial strategies.

Why Scharf?

Scharf inspectors take extra measures to ensure customer satisfaction. They educate you through the inspection process and answer all your questions. They suggest the best possible solutions. Scharf inspectors are equipped with state-of-the art equipment for inspections where required. They keep your best interest in mind while making an inspection and save your time and money. So no matter if you are buying, selling or building a home, call  us for the best inspection services.

New Construction Inspection
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