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We have inspected over 10,000 houses and have been in business over 15 years


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We have inspected over 10,000 houses and look forward to helping you with your next real estate transaction

How Important is the Home Inspection?

Whether you’re buying your very first home, a vacation home, or another investment property, the home inspection is an important part of the process. Without it, buyers would be left with unanswered questions and at the mercy of sellers and realtors with biased interests. The home inspection serves to offer you the honest, unbiased, and reputable advice you need before making one of the biggest decisions of your life.  Sac Inspect, owned and operated by Erich Scharf, provides thorough home inspections at an affordable price. After we’ve completed our own inspection of the property, we invite you to join us for a thorough walk-through of the home. We will answer your questions and explain the components of the home to you in understandable terms, leaving you feeling confident and ready to make the tough decisions.

BASE FEE BASED ON SIZE OF HOUSE : place order online and fee will be calculated at check out.


Why Choose Us?

Sac Inspect is the experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable home inspection company you’ve been looking for. With over 10 years in the business and over 5,000 thorough home inspections completed to date, we can promise you that we’ve seen it all and know exactly where to look for all of the issues in the home you need to know about. Nobody knows homes like we do, and we are eager to share our wealth of knowledge with you as you learn more about your new home and how to care for it.

Inspection Reports Emailed Within 24 Hours

We generate our inspection reports using HomeGauge Software. Within no more than 24 hours after your inspection has been completed, you will receive an email with a link to your report. In it, you will find all of the detailed information about the property along with photos and videos of the home’s components and any issues we found during the walk-through. We are always available by phone, so feel free to call us anytime after receiving your report with further questions.

Do I need additional inspections? 

Yes, you will need additional inspections. 

1. We recommend contacting The Roof Doctors for a FREE roof inspection on most homes. 

2. We recommend a Pest Inspection on all homes.

Also called a termite inspection, this visual inspection is conducted by a state-licensed professional hired to look for signs of infestation or damage to a structure by wood-destroying pests. Pest inspectors look for: • Wood-destroying pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, rot fungus and wood-infesting beetles. • Evidence of pest activity, such as damaged wood, dead insects and termite tubes. • Conducive conditions for pests, such as standing water, earth-to-wood contact and plumbing leaks The inspector will visually inspect accessible areas inside a home (including crawlspaces) and the exterior of the property. In areas where drywood termites are prevalent and in houses where there are no subfloor crawlspaces, the attic is also inspected. The average termite inspection takes about an hour. Findings are recorded on a pest control inspection report. 

3. We recommend a sewer line inspection on all homes. Contact Affordable Trenchless.

Even on newer homes there may be damage from trees. Older homes may need the entire sewer line replaced. Affordable Trenchless is a small family owned business and is well known for excellent customer service. 

4. We recommend a level 2 chimney inspection on most homes. Contact Mikes Mobile Screen and Chimney

A Level 2 chimney inspection is recommended when you have had any changes done to your system. If you have changed fuel type, or had the chimney relined, if you have replaced your furnace or appliance -especially if the rating or efficiency differs from what was there prior. If you recently bought the home and are not familiar with the system performance, plan to do modifications to your chimney, stove or heating system or have had a chimney fire recently a Level 2 chimney inspection is in order.

5. Pool and pool safety. It is better to have a pool professional independtly inspect all pool systems. 

6. If you have a ZINSCO panel it is best to replace the panel as it is a known safety hazard and many insurance companies will not insure a house with this type of panel. If you need to do maintenance on a ZINSCO panel due to financial reasons before you upgrade to a new panel contact BROCK ELECTRIC at 916-289-0541. 

For additional recommendations in case the above companies are busy we use YELP! and look for companies with many good reviews when we work out of the greater Sacramento area. 

We work with real estate investors nationwide.

We train home inspectors.

All home inspectors go through intensive on the job training and online continuing education.

We are always looking for great people to add to our team.

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