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Sacramento's Top Roofing Inspection Services

Scharf Inspections has performed thousands of premium roof inspections all over Sacramento. We work by one rule, that of keeping our customers’ homes safe and functioning. One can’t stress the importance of a properly functioning roof over a home enough. We at Scharf ensure your home’s roof is in optimum condition and functioning well. 

Whether you are a current homeowner wanting to assess your roof’s condition or a buyer of a new house, if there is a fault with the roof, we will make sure we find it. From missing shingles, broken tiles, to failed flashing, we inspect everything that’s on or under your roof. Our inspectors are the most trusted in the area and they have helped homeowners and real estate buyers make safe investments for over a decade.

What Is Inspected During A Roof Inspection

Our roof inspector will look at both the exterior and interior of a roof. He will walk around the house looking for missing shingles, eaves, wood rots, etc. Under a roof, from the inside of a house, our inspector will look for signs of stains or water leaks, or damage.

On top of the roof an inspector will look for:

For flat-roofed houses, our inspector will inspect for overlaps and delamination of roof material, both of which can cause a leaking roof. 

After an inspection, our inspector will prepare a documented report of his findings. If damage is found and repair required then our inspector will prepare a scope-of-work report that is required for your roof and with an approximate repair estimate.

Keeping your roof clean and in good condition will save you from excessive energy bills and costly repairs. If roof leaks and damage aren’t repaired timely, things can get complicated resulting in serious damage. Don’t let your roof come to that point. Call us and schedule a roof inspection to assess the health of your roof. Keep yourself and your family safe.

Roofing Inspection

Why Scharf For Your Roofing Service Needs In Sacramento?

If you fear a problem with the roof of your house, you can count on the professional inspectors at Scharf Inspections. We offer our services to homes and business owners alike. We will make your roof inspection swift, efficient and hassle-free. We are a one-shop stop for all your roofing inspection needs in Sacramento.

Call us to schedule your plumbing inspection or talk to our friendly staff who is more than eager to assist you. Call at  (855)-724-2735

Areas We Serve

Scharf Inspections offers its service in The Greater Sacramento area
and its surrounding counties, covering;

El Dorado
We have been providing certified home inspections in California
we guarantee the best inspection services with comprehensive reports. 
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