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Advanced Infrared Inspections Sacramento

A regular home inspection has certain limitations. All the components of a house aren’t visually or physically within reach after a house has been built. That is where our advanced Infrared technology steps in. Infrared Inspection, also known as thermal imaging is highly beneficial for home buyers and can save them from future disappointments and unexpected expenses. 

Scharf Inspections offers advanced Infrared Inspections in Sacramento and several other California counties. Our infrared screening is carried out by skilled professionals who carry out thermal inspections using state-of-the-art cameras. These cameras can detect even the slightest temperature change or moisture intrusion. Our master inspectors carry out scans that reveal the following in a home;


The presence of moisture due to cracked or damaged pipes can be detected in bathrooms, kitchens, behind sinks, walls, and so on. This leads to more findings like damaged sewer, leaking pipes, or mold.

Electrical Components

Damaged or failing electrical parts emit heat, these can be detected using a thermal imaging camera with ease. Early detection can prevent loss, or extensive damage, or even fire.

Energy loss

 Infrared technology can be used to assess missing insulation or ventilation problems. Air leaks dues to cracks can cause discrepancies in temperatures which can be detected by thermal cameras leading to the problem.


Holes made inside walls can cause temperature change which is detected by an infrared camera. Similarly clusters of pests emitting body heat can be caught with these cameras.

Cracks In Foundation

The non-destructive IR camera can detect foundation cracks, unlevelled or broken slabs and several other foundation issues. The manual approach of detecting cracks lacks the quantitative objectivity of an IR camera which can uncover the extent of damage already done.

When To Go For An Infrared Inspection?

If you are a buyer, seller or real estate agent you can benefit from an infrared inspection and uncover problems not visible to the naked eye. Scharf Infrared inspection services give you peace of mind. Our certified inspectors will assess your property and give you a thorough visual documented report showing all the problem areas along with recommendation of suitable solutions. Our advanced infrared inspections are available in Sacramento and the following counties in California; Placer,Nevada,Yuba,Sutter,Sacramento, El Dorado,Amador,Yolo,Colusa,Amador.

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